"For the 176"

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the coronavirus pandemic, my LLS Woman of the Year campaign has been postponed until 2021. Please stay safe!

Caroline RoseLet's Do This For The 176!

Sixteen years ago, I was diagnosed with a non-curable and highly aggressive stage 4 non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. I was only 27 years old. At the time of my initial diagnosis, there were no curative treatment options. Faced with an impossible situation, I did the only thing I could- I bought time and prayed for a new treatment to be developed. Thanks to the research that was being done at the time, by my third diagnosis, a new clinical trial had become available And it was that newer treatment that saved my life.

I’ve been cancer-free for ten years. Upon my successful completion of my second bone marrow transplant, I made a promise to myself. I knew how privileged I'd been to live and grieved for those who had not. I vowed to, when I was able, give back to those who did not find their celebratory ending. I knew it was too late for many but- there was still something I could do to honor their memory and their courage and their fight. And after ten years, I've found my calling and my way to honor all who are still fighting.

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society offers help to patients that is so desperately needed. This organization directly funds the research grants that are the first step in creating these life-saving drugs. Since agreeing to join this campaign, I have spoken with two people who have recently been diagnosed with different kinds of leukemia and who are both taking drugs directly funded by this campaign. And- both drugs are WORKING, and both patients are HEALING. And, to me, that is truly incredible.

I am asking you today to please consider donating to my Woman of the Year Campaign. I was asked to do this because of my personal story but said yes because of the 176,000 people who were newly diagnosed with leukemia or lymphoma last year alone. It is because of them that my fundraising goal is $176,000- one dollar for every person diagnosed. I have chosen to run this campaign in their honor.

Every dollar you choose to give will go DIRECTLY towards the funding of research grants that creates life-saving medications.

I know we can reach this lofty goal, but I need your help. Let’s do this for the 176,000. No contribution is too small. Together, I know we can do this. Let’s do it for the 176. Hell, let’s do it for the one person who, like me, just needs to buy a little more time.

In grateful love,

Caroline Rose, Candidate for 2020 LLS Woman of the Year

My LLS Fundraising Team: For the 176!

"For the 176" is undoubtedly a battle for the whole community to engage in. A great team of my family, friends, and fellow LLS members are assisting me in my #MWOY fundraising. As we fight for the 176, please click below to learn about all my teammates and donate to LLS! Each of my team members receives individual fundraising credit when you click "Donate Now" under their names.

Carey Hildebrand
For the 176 Team Manager

Meredith Ames

Catherine Bishop

Meredith Brewer

Karen Bryant

Katherine Bullock

Lindsay Crowder

Lauren Farnsworth

Laura Guglielmo

Trish Hennessey

Breann Joanou

Emily Jones

Lauren Krieger

Landon Lanier

Casey Mims

Muffin Moorman

Chad Neely

Courtney Rangel

Lindsey Roberson

Ellie Rose

Carrie Schein

Stephanie Sierra

Dr. Kirsten Smith

Thank you.

Through the #MWOY program and through your generosity, the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society stands up and fights for the 176. Please donate today!