Hope vs. Trust

After a speaking engagement in D.C this past spring, I decided to hop on the train and head to New York. I needed a night in the city with good friends. It had been way too long. I missed the energy of NYC – the feeling of anonymity walking in a crowd of people you…

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The Final Rose

I have a confession to make. I am totally and utterly obsessed with The Bachelor. Like- I have to read the spoilers before the season even starts, or else I lose sleep over the outcome- obsessed. And yet still, I live on the edge of my seat until the final rose is handed out.  …

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Introducing Hope Heroes!

Hi friend!   I’m soooooo excited to share this news with you today!!!   My mission in creating this space to uplift and inspire has been based on serving every one of you who has taken the time to click and open and read the words I’ve written. As I’ve said before, I believe this life we…

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False Hope

Is there such a thing as false hope? This past May, I spent a day sitting by my uncle’s bedside in the ICU. I watched as one machine breathed for him and another pumped his heart. I touched his cold and bluish toned skin and smelled the fear that thickly hung around his body. I…

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Unbridled Hope

Axl Rose once quoted, “Life sucks, but in a beautiful kind of way.”   Say what you will about Axl Rose but I think he’s one of the more brilliant and inspirational musicians of our time. And y’all- did you SEE the Once In a Lifetime reunion tour? Axl, Duff, and Slash all on stage…

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Hope and Regret

The other day, I was watching a rerun of one of the housewife reunion shows on Bravo and listened as Andy Cohen asked the group about their biggest regrets from the season. The ladies’ responses are always amazing and wildly entertaining, but this time, as I listened to each individual answer, I began to think…

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Hope, Struggle, and Dog Toy Baskets

Dear reader, 15 years ago, I was diagnosed with a Stage IV, highly aggressive, non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma. My diagnosis came out of the blue and shocked the hell out of all of us. What followed was a blur of needles, beeping machines, tubes, and profound paralyzing fear. My doctors told me, no matter what they did,…

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Coming Soon

Welcome to the new blog – great content coming soon!

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