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Hope for the Hounds

Before I met My Cancer, I used to run Every. Single. Morning. My distances ranged from a “short” 6 miles up to my 2- mile pre-marathon training runs. But then, I was diagnosed, and my life was turned upside down. I was given depressing odds of survival and, with each diagnosis, became increasingly hopeless.


But then, I met a rescue dog named Riley. And suddenly, everything started to change.


Riley and I came together as two damaged souls, desperately in need of hope. This poor abused creature had been hours away from being put down while I had been uncertain about the amount of time I had left. But yet…


This rescue dog and I merged our two separate lives into one and, as a result, overcame all odds.



I give Riley an enormous amount of credit for saving my life. But he didn’t do it alone. I had my unwavering family and I had my incredible friends. I had my brilliant doctors and I had my faith and the prayers of so many.


Today, I still run. Sometimes. My runs have become more like slow jogs- some days, shuffles. I now go until I’m ready to stop. And I have no clue how far that actually may be. And- that is absolutely okay.


Jogs for me now are my time to pray, to think, to reconnect with myself. Each jog starts the same- with gratitude. I talk to God and thank Him for the incredible blessings I have in my life. And, in this process, I’ve realized there are more people who have played a significant hand in my healing- and in Riley’s saving- than I’d initially realized. There are the unseen heroes- the silent healers. There were people like you.


Here’s the thing. Statistically speaking, I should not be here. My life should have ended years ago when My Cancer took hold and refused to let go. But…My Cancer did let go and I did win and I AM still here. So…why?


I deeply believe one of the main answers to this question is that I am still here so I can help, or give back, or pay it forward. I understand Riley and I were saved because of the generosity of others and I am certain that their selfless efforts brought the two of us together. And now, I am honored to have the chance to do the same for others.


I am beyond excited to have teamed up with the incredible company One Hope because this partnership with this generous wine company is allowing me the opportunity to help others in the same way others have helped me.


I believe animals save and love wins. Riley saved me and our love won in the end. So now I’d like to give others that same chance and that same opportunity- to win. And to hope. And to love.


In memory of my dear Riley Rose, I’m picking my first two hope charities as two animal rescue organizations that are VERY near and dear to my heart. Angels for Animals was founded by two heroic (and unbelievably kind) women and focuses on pulling dogs who have run out of time from Los Angeles shelters. The second rescue, SNIPSA, is based in my hometown of San Antonio, Texas, and is run by a Rockstar of a human who has dedicated every ounce of her time and love to saving thousands of animals.



10% of all organic, award-winning One Hope wine proceeds purchased through the links below goes DIRECTLY to the rescue animals. As we all know, charity can’t exist without funding and these two organizations are no exceptions. Angels for Animals nor SNIPSA can bring a dog into their care without the necessary funds. They. Need. Our. Help. Their animals need our help! And- the cool thing is- every tiny bit counts. It all adds up and the end result could- well, it could heal. And it could save. And it WILL matter.


I love both of these organizations so rock, paper, scissors on which you to choose to support. An animal saved is an animal saved.


I am asking this in Riley’s honor as his legacy continues to do so much good. As we enter this holiday season, please join me in giving hope back to these animals who so deserve a chance. Because it’s in our second chances where we really find the stuff worth fighting for. I know I certainly did. And I know these animals will too. See links below.


In love and hope,



“Saving one dog will not change the world, but surely, for that one dog, the world will change forever.” – Karen Davidson

To Donate to Angles for Animals:


To Donate to SNIPSA: 






  1. Lisa Weissler on November 23, 2020 at 5:37 pm

    I have loved your Messages of Hope ever since I first learned about you maybe sometime last year. Rereading and reading all of your Blogs are so much more meaningful now that I have recently been diagnosed with Breast Cancer. The past 6 weeks have been tough…every single emotion imaginable! I want a pet so badly. Have not had one since my son’s were young. Schautzie, a red Dachsund was in our family for 13 years. Thank you for your message of HOPE! 💕

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